Wednesday, March 9, 2011

4th April - Start Date

Has been searching new opportunity for almost 2 months, and finally my prayer was answered !
Was pretty excited, but after awhile, I started to wonder whether all these changes will lead me to a better place or it's going to be the same old shit over and over again.

Everyone hates working. Most of the time, I just simply wish things will be different when I get a new job where people are nicer, work are easier, boss are more respectable, pay are higher, no unisex toilet. Or even better - strike lottery and quit working forever !
But the truth is, follow my normal cycle, I will be unhappy towards my new colleague within 3 months, bored with my job within 1/2 year, hates the office within 1 year. Then I will start looking for a new job AGAIN!

Lets hope this time, I found my DREAM JOB and can stop moving around too much ~:) Peace !

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


4th Day -19/7/2009 (Tuesday)
Laos, Vientiane - Malaysia, KL

Flight in the morning and suppose to reach KL early in the afternoon.
SCARY!!!! Airplane failed to land LCCT aiport due to weather condition. The airplane was shacking in the most horrible way (heee.. I might be exaggerate :) ) when pilot try to land the airplane in such bad weather. I feel so uncomfortable like my stomach is twisting inside of me and wanna puke! But, I did not. Lucky! :)

After circling in the sky for about maybe 15 min, pilot announce that they need to fly to Johor and back to KL when the weather condition gets better. Guest what, it took only around 15 min to reach Johor airport! THAT WAS FAST!
We stop there for around 20 min then fly back to KL. This time, landed safely with no problem. Thank god :)

KL - ただいま ~!

Monday, July 20, 2009


3rd Day -20/7/2009 (Monday)
Laos, Vang Vieng - Laos, Vientiane

Good bye Vang Vieng! Thanks for the good time :”(
Picked up by mini bus at 9.30am in front of the hostel and reach bus station by 10am. It was good weather on our way to Vientiane. Reach Vientiane around 2pm.

When we reached, seong teow drivers busy approached bus passenger for business. It seems like they have some system going on there as some people/seong teow are not allowed to pick up any passenger in the bus station. Those driver are fierce (Scary). Some driver are quite rude and angry too. They reverse drive their vehicle like no body biz. Even people are standing behind it. Dangerous!
They charge us 20,000 kip per person to our hostel and no bargain :(

THE DRIVER SENDED US TO THE WRONG HOSTEL!!!! We show them the address and hostel name, yet they still manage to send us to the wrong hostel!
Since the seong teow driver drop us at the junction and ask us to walk in by our self, by the time we found out that was actually not THE HOSTEL we are looking for, it’s already too late. We have to pay another 5 USD to our hostel :(

The hostel we stay in is a bit far from the Mekong River/city area. We have to walk maybe 1 -2km to get to the city area. Good exercise :) the only problem is the sun is too big! It’s hot.

Again, the food is GOOODDD~~! :)

We walk and eat and walk and eat from 4pm till 9 / 10pm (lost count) and finally back to our room and go to bed.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


2nd Day -19/7/2009 (Sunday)
Laos, Vientiane - Vang Vieng

The hostel we stayed has great shared balcony’s view - Mountain and river.
Early morning, we left hostel and look for breakfast. Next to the hostel, there were few nice looking restaurants. We pick 1 and start ordering food. Just like last night, the food did not disappoint us :)
The girls love the Laos coffee.

9.30am – Pick up by seong teow and started our tour with a bunch of strangers (end up to be quite entertaining :) ). 1st stop is the cave tubing. There was a huge group of Korean kids reach before us. So we had to wait for our turn to enter the cave. So we wait and wait ~ and wait ~ ~ and wait for an hour.
After put on the small torch light (tight it to our forehead) we start enter the cave 1 by 1. Cave tubing is fun. The water is cold but clear, entrance is narrow at 1st then get wider, the cave is dark, a lot of funny little thing up on the rock or should I call it wall. It was really fun! Especially the part where we had to crawl 6 meters long mud tunnel. It was dirty but fun!
Too bad raining season flood some tunnel, or else we can stay longer and explore the rest of the cave.

Had our lunch (provided by tour) and we continue to the elephant cave with Buddha statue inside of it. After our tour guide told us a really boring story, we proceed to the river.

All of us had a shock when reach the starting point of river tubing. 1st of all, it started to rain and the river looks quite dangerous, and the noise! The music was so loud! I don’t think I ever encounter so many teenager hang out in 1 place before :)
It took me a while to adjust myself.
Then the river tubing started. River tubing was fun too! Except for the river is in brown :) As we flow down the river using the tube. There were stations which we can stop by for beer and rest. You have to get a drink from the station itself in order to use their swing, water slide and others.
I enjoyed watching Shane and Swee Lan performed some stunt unlike any other 30 year old :) muahahahahahahah ~ ~

We end our river tubing near by our hostel. Yes, by now you should know the river we saw at the shared balcony is THE RIVER :)

We had our dinner in 1 restaurant which filled with rude staff. When you ask for menu, the staffs throw the menu to your table. You accidentally blocking their way, they will shuhhhh you like how they cash the dog away. REALLY REALLY RUDE! And the food is so so only. Not good.

After dinner we get 3 bus tickets back to Vientiane. A little bit expensive then the way to Vang Vieng.

We manage to do some shopping and head back to hostel for a good night sleep.

** Met a few Chinese making a living in Vang Vieng.

Saturday, July 18, 2009


It's AIR ASIA time again! And the destination is - give me a "L"! give me a "A"! give me a "O" and "S" - LAOS !
Honestly speaking, never cross my mind that I wanted to travel to Laos. Have you ever heard of anyone who’s been there before? Any interesting places in Laos that people keep talking about? I heard nothing.

One day, Miss Shane told us about the mystery trip that she planned as her b’day and she bringing me and my sis (how generous!). Thinking why you don’t have friends like this around you and feel envy? Muahahaha ~ ~ you should.
Thank you Shane for sponsored the flights ticket. Love ~ ~ you ~ ~! :P Nothing excite me more than a free trip. Well not really 100% free as I have to pay for my accommodation and food :P But the offer is good enough.

But the destination didn’t kept as secret for too long. As we need to plan our trip together. Need to know what to bring, where to stay, how to go, what to see….. :) When she reveals her destination I was like, ok, never been there before. Let’s go explore!Due to time constrain, we decided to travel to Vang Vieng only, her original plan.

1st Day -18/7/2009 (Saturday)
Malaysia, KL - Laos, Vientiane

Take Air Asia from KL to Vientiane. Flight in the morning and reach Vientiane in early afternoon. Vientiane airport – Wattay airport is small, smaller than LCCT.Without wasting time, we went straight to travel agency by taxi which cost us total USD 6. Need to get bus ticket at 2pm to Vang Vieng. The taxi driver can speak a bit of English and being really nice and helpful to us. Leaving us a very good impression of Laos so far :)

On our way from airport to Travel Agency. Vientiane looks like a small city of Malacca to me. I was quite surprise as I never been to any country’s capital as “Ulu” as this. Or maybe that was only part of Vientiane :)

Cute guy alert! Cute guy alert! THE TRAVEL AGENCY we went has 3 very cute brothers. Uhh ~ ~ ~ I’m starting to like Laos.

Since we was there early, we explorer a bit of Vientiane during 2.30 hours. To our surprise, food in Laos is GOOD ~! There’re a lot of Chinese in Vientiane and speak Chinese. 1st meal we had is “cha guo” and it was good!After walking down the street, we stop by and old shop for baguette sandwich. I am not a huge fan for sandwich. But this sandwich is another 2 thumbs up! So far is all good with food except for it’s a bit pricy.

Since there was nothing much to see and buy. We decided go back to the Travel Agency and hang out there. At least they have air corn. The weather is too hot.

The journey to our double decker VIP bus (USD 7 per person) really driving me crazy. It’s all about waiting. We picked up by seong teow (same as Thailand) and was informed that suppose to send us to the bus station. However, the driver drops us at another side of the road with out telling us what’s going on. You see, the problem here is communication. Most local doesn’t speak English, so when we ask 1 question, there respond will be …………………… (crickets).

After waited for around 20-30 min under the big big sun. FINALY! Mini bus is here. Oh ~ ~ so we suppose to pick up by another mini bus to the bus station! Man~! Now I get it. :)
Oppss.. trouble again. Not enough seats in the mini van. Have to wait for it to come back for 2nd round :( Did I mention I am Asian and really don’t enjoy getting my skin tan?

Due to information we got from internet stated buses to Vang Vieng will not stop for toilet during the 2-3 hours trip (They must be joking!). We stop drinking water ½ hour before 2pm :( and only found out later -> BULL SHIT! The bus did stop for toilet. Which idiot spreading the wrong information on internet! Damn you!

*** ADVISE no 1. *************
When reach Vientiane try to exchange your USD to some “kip” (Laos money). Best price is in Vientiane and you might need kip to pay for your toilet entrance J Not worth it to pay using USD, they always keep the change if you pay USD.
*** END************************

When the bus left the city. The view is AMAZING! Green is every where. The rice field and small town along the road side, mountains and rivers. The rain drop adds some artistic value to the whole scenery. However 4 hours of same scenery -- I got bored :)

The journey to Vang Vieng took us 4 hours. It might be due to the rain. The journey was ok, the bus is quite comfy. Except for the funny smells from some backpacker who looks like never shower in ages, especially when they took off their shoes. Damn!

And Vang Vieng! Everyone can’t wait to leave the bus :) We continue our journey to look for our internet pre book room – USD 8 for normal fan room with WC for 3. We have to cross a very very muddy road to our hostel because of rain. It’s raining seasons, what to do. Found our hostel, put down the bags and straight down to the street for FOOD! To our surprise, food in Laos is really not bad. We love it!

Vang Vieng looks lonely and quiet that night, especially after the rain. There are some shops selling sandals and t-shirts, some restaurants which look really good from out site, bars and stall along the road side selling pancakes (a lot of them) :)

We got ourselves a day tour tomorrow from 9.30am to 5pm for USD20 per person. Going to do some cave and river tubing, wooohooo ~ ~ ~ !

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 6 ~~ Indonesia, Bali - Malaysia, KL

6th Day -18/5/2009 (Monday)
Bali, Kuta – Malaysia, KL

I am too depress and sad to write !

Day 5 ~~ Kuta - Mount Batur - Kuta

5th day – 17/5/2009 (Sunday)
Bali, Kuta – Bali, Mount Batur

Mount Batur is far from Kuta. We leave Rita Guesthouse early 1.30am in the morning and reach Mount Batur around 3am. Yes, people, by now you should know Bali is an HUGE Island. Maybe we shouldn’t call it an island anymore since it’s that big!
The climb almost kill me and Shane. But Mount Batur is worth a climb. The shooting star, the moon, the cloud, the lake and millions stars hanging in the sky make it unbelievably beautiful. I though we can only see stuff like this in a movie! It was so~~~~ beautiful. Too bad our camera is not good enough to capture night view. Or else, those photos will make everyone’s mouth wide open! Drooling maybe :P
By the way, it’s easier to see shooting star on a mountain (with good weather condition) then beach :P.

Took 3 hours to reach the top for sunrise. I am already half dead. But when the sunrises, it’s all worth it. There is no word to descript how beautiful the view is.
Wear a pair of good tracking shoes if you plan to climb the mountain and do not bring extra stuff to the mountain. The heavy bags will drag you down. Bring some breakfast and water supply if you can :)
Total time spend up and down the mountain = 5 hours++

Reach Rita Guesthouse, shower and walk to the beach for baksoh mee. The girls wanna surf. While I was sleeping in the guesthouse, they went for their surfing lesson – 2 hours. Respect ah! Still can surf!

Dinner and go to sleep early. No massage for today. Everyone is tired.