Sunday, July 19, 2009


2nd Day -19/7/2009 (Sunday)
Laos, Vientiane - Vang Vieng

The hostel we stayed has great shared balcony’s view - Mountain and river.
Early morning, we left hostel and look for breakfast. Next to the hostel, there were few nice looking restaurants. We pick 1 and start ordering food. Just like last night, the food did not disappoint us :)
The girls love the Laos coffee.

9.30am – Pick up by seong teow and started our tour with a bunch of strangers (end up to be quite entertaining :) ). 1st stop is the cave tubing. There was a huge group of Korean kids reach before us. So we had to wait for our turn to enter the cave. So we wait and wait ~ and wait ~ ~ and wait for an hour.
After put on the small torch light (tight it to our forehead) we start enter the cave 1 by 1. Cave tubing is fun. The water is cold but clear, entrance is narrow at 1st then get wider, the cave is dark, a lot of funny little thing up on the rock or should I call it wall. It was really fun! Especially the part where we had to crawl 6 meters long mud tunnel. It was dirty but fun!
Too bad raining season flood some tunnel, or else we can stay longer and explore the rest of the cave.

Had our lunch (provided by tour) and we continue to the elephant cave with Buddha statue inside of it. After our tour guide told us a really boring story, we proceed to the river.

All of us had a shock when reach the starting point of river tubing. 1st of all, it started to rain and the river looks quite dangerous, and the noise! The music was so loud! I don’t think I ever encounter so many teenager hang out in 1 place before :)
It took me a while to adjust myself.
Then the river tubing started. River tubing was fun too! Except for the river is in brown :) As we flow down the river using the tube. There were stations which we can stop by for beer and rest. You have to get a drink from the station itself in order to use their swing, water slide and others.
I enjoyed watching Shane and Swee Lan performed some stunt unlike any other 30 year old :) muahahahahahahah ~ ~

We end our river tubing near by our hostel. Yes, by now you should know the river we saw at the shared balcony is THE RIVER :)

We had our dinner in 1 restaurant which filled with rude staff. When you ask for menu, the staffs throw the menu to your table. You accidentally blocking their way, they will shuhhhh you like how they cash the dog away. REALLY REALLY RUDE! And the food is so so only. Not good.

After dinner we get 3 bus tickets back to Vientiane. A little bit expensive then the way to Vang Vieng.

We manage to do some shopping and head back to hostel for a good night sleep.

** Met a few Chinese making a living in Vang Vieng.

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