Tuesday, July 21, 2009


4th Day -19/7/2009 (Tuesday)
Laos, Vientiane - Malaysia, KL

Flight in the morning and suppose to reach KL early in the afternoon.
SCARY!!!! Airplane failed to land LCCT aiport due to weather condition. The airplane was shacking in the most horrible way (heee.. I might be exaggerate :) ) when pilot try to land the airplane in such bad weather. I feel so uncomfortable like my stomach is twisting inside of me and wanna puke! But, I did not. Lucky! :)

After circling in the sky for about maybe 15 min, pilot announce that they need to fly to Johor and back to KL when the weather condition gets better. Guest what, it took only around 15 min to reach Johor airport! THAT WAS FAST!
We stop there for around 20 min then fly back to KL. This time, landed safely with no problem. Thank god :)

KL - ただいま ~!

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