Monday, July 20, 2009


3rd Day -20/7/2009 (Monday)
Laos, Vang Vieng - Laos, Vientiane

Good bye Vang Vieng! Thanks for the good time :”(
Picked up by mini bus at 9.30am in front of the hostel and reach bus station by 10am. It was good weather on our way to Vientiane. Reach Vientiane around 2pm.

When we reached, seong teow drivers busy approached bus passenger for business. It seems like they have some system going on there as some people/seong teow are not allowed to pick up any passenger in the bus station. Those driver are fierce (Scary). Some driver are quite rude and angry too. They reverse drive their vehicle like no body biz. Even people are standing behind it. Dangerous!
They charge us 20,000 kip per person to our hostel and no bargain :(

THE DRIVER SENDED US TO THE WRONG HOSTEL!!!! We show them the address and hostel name, yet they still manage to send us to the wrong hostel!
Since the seong teow driver drop us at the junction and ask us to walk in by our self, by the time we found out that was actually not THE HOSTEL we are looking for, it’s already too late. We have to pay another 5 USD to our hostel :(

The hostel we stay in is a bit far from the Mekong River/city area. We have to walk maybe 1 -2km to get to the city area. Good exercise :) the only problem is the sun is too big! It’s hot.

Again, the food is GOOODDD~~! :)

We walk and eat and walk and eat from 4pm till 9 / 10pm (lost count) and finally back to our room and go to bed.

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