Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 6 ~~ Indonesia, Bali - Malaysia, KL

6th Day -18/5/2009 (Monday)
Bali, Kuta – Malaysia, KL

I am too depress and sad to write !

Day 5 ~~ Kuta - Mount Batur - Kuta

5th day – 17/5/2009 (Sunday)
Bali, Kuta – Bali, Mount Batur

Mount Batur is far from Kuta. We leave Rita Guesthouse early 1.30am in the morning and reach Mount Batur around 3am. Yes, people, by now you should know Bali is an HUGE Island. Maybe we shouldn’t call it an island anymore since it’s that big!
The climb almost kill me and Shane. But Mount Batur is worth a climb. The shooting star, the moon, the cloud, the lake and millions stars hanging in the sky make it unbelievably beautiful. I though we can only see stuff like this in a movie! It was so~~~~ beautiful. Too bad our camera is not good enough to capture night view. Or else, those photos will make everyone’s mouth wide open! Drooling maybe :P
By the way, it’s easier to see shooting star on a mountain (with good weather condition) then beach :P.

Took 3 hours to reach the top for sunrise. I am already half dead. But when the sunrises, it’s all worth it. There is no word to descript how beautiful the view is.
Wear a pair of good tracking shoes if you plan to climb the mountain and do not bring extra stuff to the mountain. The heavy bags will drag you down. Bring some breakfast and water supply if you can :)
Total time spend up and down the mountain = 5 hours++

Reach Rita Guesthouse, shower and walk to the beach for baksoh mee. The girls wanna surf. While I was sleeping in the guesthouse, they went for their surfing lesson – 2 hours. Respect ah! Still can surf!

Dinner and go to sleep early. No massage for today. Everyone is tired.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 4 ~~ Sanur Beach - Kuta

4th day – 16/5/2009 (Saturday)
Bali, Sanur – Bali, Kuta

Wake up early 6am for the sunrise. The sunrise was ok. Not as pretty as we though it's going to be.

Pack our bags, enjoyed our free breakfast then say goodbye to Kesumasari (Have to type the full name, cos it took me a long time to remember the name :P).
We took the small van, cost 60,000rph/RM20 for 2 to Kuta. The van is like a bus, it stop buy to pick up people from time to time.

Reunion with Shane. Auntie left Bali, went back to Malaysia this morning. We went Hard Rock and had our breakfast. Hard Rock food SUCK! Expensive. So not worth the price we pay -100,000rph/Rm30++.

We say goodbye to Hard Rock and found ourself a room in Rita Guesthouse. It’s small, but clean and bright. Room for 3 with aircond is 200,000rph/Rm60-70. It was ok.

Do try the baksoh mee along Kuta beach. Cheap and tasty.

We walk a few streets and finally get a good bargain on the price to climb Mount Batur, the active volcano for sunrise. 325,000rph/Rm 108++ per person. Dolphin watch is not an option anymore since we are running out of time and cash.

Went for Massage again :P But it wasn’t as good as the one in Sanur :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 3 ~~ Sanur Beach - Ubud - Tanah Lot - Sanur Beach

3rd day – 15/5/2009 (Friday)
Bali, Sanur – Bali, Ubud – Bali ,Tanah Lot – Bali ,Sanur

Rent a motorbike. Again, if you planning to rent a motorbike don’t forget the key word – bargain! 1st shop charges me 60,000 rph for 1 day, 9am till 7pm at night. But with help from KG’s worker, we get 50,000rph from 9am till the next day 9. No documentation require *(“,)*. Just pay cash and they give you the motorbike. Cool! Petrol is around 10,000 rph /RM3 ++ for full tank. More then enough for 1 day journey.
Don’t forget to ride slow and be careful ok.

1st destination for the day – UBUD !
KG’s worker warn us that it’s going to be a long journey. But, it's an adventure that we’ve been waiting for so long! So we decided to go on with our plan and get ourselves a map (25,000rph/RM 7-8) from Bagus store.

Interesting stuff happened during our journey to UBUD. While we was struggling with the map, a local offered help when we stop at the traffic light (@.@ like that also can). 1st we think wao~~~ Balinese are real nice people. But ended up he want to bring us to the silver souvenir shop he working with, then he will show us the way to UBUD. Well, no harm to explorer more stuff, so we follow him - see the process of the handmade silver ear rings and come out empty handed (not buying anything) Smart right ! >.<
That guy who brought us to the silver shop keep offering help, wanna show us places in Bali. We rejected him nicely. And then he start some story like, local police like to stop tourist (with vehicle) and get money from them. That can be avoided if a local is with the tourist kind of story. I don’t like the story. We left.

Finally, after almost 3 hours, we reach UBUD! Hee.. well, we did stop at the road site for food (local Balinese food and Ibu Oka famous Babi Guling) and ask for direction and stuff.
UBUD is so~~~ beautiful! The weather is a bit chill. We was so happy to reach there although our butt hurts a lot :P . It’s a place fill with old Balinese building and padi field. This place is totally different then Sanur or Kuta. Warning: Do not take, hold or let the locals put any of their stuff in your hand. They will not take it back until you agree to buy it. You don’t want to waste your energy and time pushing those thing back to them. Trust me, It’s hard work !

Ok, move on to Tanah Lot. The floating temple. Take another 1.30 hours to reach there. During this 1.30 hour. Same thing happened. Help offer from local. But this time, this guy did not bring us to the souvenir shop instead he ask for the bangles my sis was wearing when we stop to say thank you. Scary!
Tanah Lot is ok. By the time we reach, it’s around 4pm. Not yet sunset. But the beach was filled with people. Lucky it's low tide, my sis managed to cross the water and walk to the temple with help. She was blessed with the holy water,flower and rice but was not allowed to go up to the temple. Wasted! The Temple was closed down, and no visitor are allowed to go up there :)
Leave Tanah Lot, took another our (maybe, lost track) back to Sanur, KG. TIRED !!!!!! We all covered by black dust, no kidding, water turn black when shower! My god! We are dirty!

Balinese massage again :P

Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 2 ~~ Bali, Kuta - Bali - Sanur Beach

2nd day – 14/5/2009 (Thursday)
Bali, Kuta – Bali, Sanur Beach

Move on to Sanur Beach. Take a cab which cost us total 80,000 rph from Kuta to Sanur Beach. Cab drivers are not so honest there. They put the price up to 100,000 rph for that 20 mins drive from Kuta to Sanur. But luckily, Malaysian are not stupid as well :P
If you are in Kuta, remember to bargain. Good luck!

Finally! Sanur Beach! Cab driver drops us at the nearest place for cheap accommodation. We walk for 20 min to look for a nice and cheap guesthouse. That was a long walk, I must say. While walking on the street, locals are very helpful. They tell us where to go and which hotel/guesthouse is cheap and nice – advantage by speak good Malay Language:) I am pretty sure they are friends with those hotel/guesthouse owner :P But who cares , as long as I manage to get good room with good price. I am fine!

We found KESUMASARI Guesthouse (KG). It was very unique, next to the beach, quiet at the corner. Don’t have sea view though. I like the door and the windows. It was colorful and very Balinese. A room which can fit 4 persons with aircond, breakfast included (coffee, tea, bread and fruits only) and HUGE bathroom cost 250,000rph per night. For the 2 of us, it’s a bit pricy but it’s ok, still within budgets.
Accommodation in Sanur is a bit pricy if compare to Kuta. Sanur is much quieter then Kuta.

We do nothing the whole afternoon and by the time we finally decided to take our lazy ass out from the room, it’s already 3pm. We explore Sanur by walking opposite direction form the Beach, the street. Whole road site was souvenir shops and restaurants.
With all shops and restaurants, we stop at the Balinese Massage shop with eyes wide open (couldn’t believe our eyes :)). Balinese full body massage cost 50,000rph for an hour !!! What !!! Its only like RM 17-18 for 1 hour massage. Very happy with the massage. Balinese massage rock ! Arrr ~~~

Night time, take a walk on the Beach. To our surprise, the Beach is pretty long. Lots of nice hotel along the Beach side. Beautiful!
We get to try our very 1st corns with Chili source *(",)* If you don’t like spicy, they have corns with chocolate too :) Nice ! 5,000 rph /RM 1.70 only.

Food, again, nothing special. Price is around 25,000rph /RM 7-8 for friend rice or noodles or others. But the restaurant is way prettier compare to Kuta. You can hear traditional Balinese music live in the restaurants too. Some even have traditional Balinese dance show:). Interesting.
Oh, 1 thing must be mentioned, Pork is easy access here. You can find pork in any restaurants here:)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 1 ~~ Malaysia, KL - Indonesia, Bali

Bali – 13/5/2009 (Wednesday)
Malaysia, KL – Bali, Kuta

WE MISS OUR FLIGHT !! Yes ! It happened! Not like we was late or anything, infact we was early! Way early! But still we miss our flight! ~~ And I still wonder why, how, kenapa, bagaimana this happened!
Hello! Miss your flight means cost more money ok!

Well, put aside how upset I was at that moment, I manage to put up a smile and lie to my sis and best friend’s (Shane) mom that Airasia is making special arrangement for us to take the next flight to Bali L (Yea right ! ). It was Shane's idea, don't want to spoilt mood.

We pay extra RM300 per person for this trip. Damn!

Flight to Bali – Food suck! The best food on flight will be the instant noodles :)

Reach Bali around 10pm and we have decided to “tumpang” Shane’s room in Hard Rock – Kuta for a night before heading to Sanur Beach for some peace and quiet with my sister. Hard Rock is like a maze. It took us some time to find our room in the building with our heavy luggage, tiring!

Settle down and then of cos, we have to get some food. Not much of choices in Kuta. Food is around RM 6-7 for fried noodles or fried rice. The food is tasty but not much different from Malaysia food. A bit disappointed.

Back to the hotel and I am sure everyone will have a good night sleep – Too tired!