Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 5 ~~ Kuta - Mount Batur - Kuta

5th day – 17/5/2009 (Sunday)
Bali, Kuta – Bali, Mount Batur

Mount Batur is far from Kuta. We leave Rita Guesthouse early 1.30am in the morning and reach Mount Batur around 3am. Yes, people, by now you should know Bali is an HUGE Island. Maybe we shouldn’t call it an island anymore since it’s that big!
The climb almost kill me and Shane. But Mount Batur is worth a climb. The shooting star, the moon, the cloud, the lake and millions stars hanging in the sky make it unbelievably beautiful. I though we can only see stuff like this in a movie! It was so~~~~ beautiful. Too bad our camera is not good enough to capture night view. Or else, those photos will make everyone’s mouth wide open! Drooling maybe :P
By the way, it’s easier to see shooting star on a mountain (with good weather condition) then beach :P.

Took 3 hours to reach the top for sunrise. I am already half dead. But when the sunrises, it’s all worth it. There is no word to descript how beautiful the view is.
Wear a pair of good tracking shoes if you plan to climb the mountain and do not bring extra stuff to the mountain. The heavy bags will drag you down. Bring some breakfast and water supply if you can :)
Total time spend up and down the mountain = 5 hours++

Reach Rita Guesthouse, shower and walk to the beach for baksoh mee. The girls wanna surf. While I was sleeping in the guesthouse, they went for their surfing lesson – 2 hours. Respect ah! Still can surf!

Dinner and go to sleep early. No massage for today. Everyone is tired.

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